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I’m Tomiko!

Jetsetter, craft cocktail lover, SEO Junkie

A seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in luxury content creation and a passion for empowering the voices and expanding the reach of content creators and small business owners.

Why Choose Tomiko Harvey’s SEO Services?

  • Expertise Rooted in Experience. As a VP of the Black Travel Alliance and the Conference Director of TBEX, the largest travel conference globally, I bring a wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of travel blogging. 
  • Proven Track Record. Over the years, I’ve successfully navigated the ever-evolving landscape of SEO. My strategies have helped numerous content creators and brands achieve greater visibility and engagement, translating into tangible results.
  • Strategic Approach to SEO. I don’t just optimize for search engines; I tailor strategies that resonate with your unique brand voice. No fluffy words, just impactful SEO that aligns seamlessly with your content.

What is SEo coaching?

A few more things working with me…

Personalized SEO guidance through one one-on-one consultation calls, website reviews, and monthly action steps.

Clarifying your current level of SEO knowledge to identify any gaps.

Working closely with an SEO specialist (me!) to develop a solid SEO strategy for your business.

Planning out monthly SEO action steps to help you get more results from Organic Search.

Positive encouragement to help you find solutions.

Encouraging you to do actual SEO optimizations and changes on your website.



That supports your seo goal
For Keyword & optimization techniques
With action items for implementation

My method of SEO coaching is positive encouragement to help you find solutions, so you can develop a process to take control of your own SEO, pushing you to do actual SEO optimizations and changes on your website so we can see improvements.

What others are saying about Tomiko

Tomiko is the absolute best at SEO. She has a way of explaining very complicated things in a simple way that makes it easy to follow.

Anytime I listen to her and do what she has told me to do, I get amazing results. 

It is crucial that a teacher be able to help her students understand the material, and there is simply no one better than Tomiko.
Roni Faida
Tomiko helped me overcome my fear of SEO and showed me how to maintain my voice in my articles while improving my rankings.

Tomiko gave me excellent SEO tools to use in my pitches. Her expertise is impressive, and she motivates you to try something new. Highly recommend her services!
MArty Lewis
I consulted with Tomilko for my travel website on SEO and keyword research. She taught me about user intent and answering user intent, which was a huge light bulb moment for me. After implementing her strategies, my website now ranks for almost 1,200 keywords and my blog has grown significantly. I highly recommend Tomiko for any creator who needs to understand SEO in an easy and fun way.
Fueza Reis
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