adthrive requirements
Joining AdThrive can increase your ad revenue, but you must meet requirements like minimum monthly pageviews, quality traffic, and ad policy compliance. Provide engaging content to maximize your revenue. AdThrive is a great partner for monetizing your site and achieving long-term success. Follow our checklist to ensure eligibility for AdThrive’s higher RPMs.

If you’re a content creator looking to increase your ad revenue, you must be wondering about the AdThrive requirements.

Adthrive is one of the best ad networks, with higher RPMs and excellent customer service so it is most definitely one of the best ad networks out there.

But before joining the Adthrive network, you need to meet specific requirements and understand what Adthrive is.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with the ultimate checklist for AdThrive requirements.

From traffic requirements to payment methods, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get accepted into Adthrive.

By the end of this post, you’ll clearly understand what it takes to join AdThrive and why it’s a better option for maximizing your ad revenue.

AdThrive is often seen as one of the best. It’s right up there with Mediavine, which many bloggers also love.

People often talk about whether Mediavine is better than AdThrive, but the truth is, if you can get into either of these networks, it’s a great opportunity.

Let’s dig in and make sure you’ve got everything you need to join AdThrive and make the most money from your monthly pageviews.

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What is AdThrive

AdThrive (Now Raptive) is a premium display ad network with which bloggers and website owners partner to manage their site’s programmatic advertising.

This partnership allows content creators to monetize their sites without worrying about low-quality ads and ensures that bloggers earn as much as possible from their display ads.

AdThrive’s higher RPMs (revenue per mille or thousand impressions) are central to its appeal, and it often outperforms other networks.

This is achieved through AdThrive’s strategic placement of display and video ads and its utilization of Google AdSense, which ensures that content creators make the most money from their sites.

To partner with AdThrive, websites must meet stringent requirements, including minimum monthly pageviews, adherence to content quality standards, and implementation of Google Analytics for tracking and reporting purposes.

The company’s focus on high-quality content and user experience makes it not just an ad management firm but a partner in a site’s success.

AdThrive is known for its straightforward payment methods and minimum payout threshold. It is a great way for content creators to maximize their earnings.

adthrive requirements

Adthrive Requirements

1. Minimum Traffic Requirements for AdThrive

To qualify for AdThrive, one of the most critical criteria your website must meet is the minimum traffic requirement.

AdThrive demands that content creators attract at least 100,000 monthly pageviews to their sites.

This threshold is in place to ensure that joining sites can generate sufficient ad revenue and benefit from AdThrive’s higher RPMs.

It’s not just about quantity, however. AdThrive looks for traffic primarily from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

Advertisers are particularly interested in these demographics, often leading to better monetization opportunities.

Ensuring your site reaches this level of traffic and appeals to these regions is important before applying to AdThrive.

Your traffic should be consistent and organic, derived from direct searches, social media referrals, and search engine queries, including Pinterest.

AdThrive’s focus on quality traffic reflects its commitment to providing advertisers with valuable placements and content creators with the most money for their efforts.

Engaging content that naturally attracts readers and sustains their interest is essential for meeting and maintaining these traffic requirements.

2. Content Quality and Consistency Is Key

High-quality, consistent content is crucial for keeping your audience engaged and pivotal in meeting AdThrive requirements.

Content creators must deliver valuable, well-researched information that caters to their target audience’s needs and interests.

AdThrive prioritizes unique, original content that stands out. This involves avoiding plagiarism and ensuring your articles, videos, and other media are insightful, informative, and add value to your audience’s experience. 

Consistency is another critical element. A sporadic posting schedule can lead to fluctuating traffic numbers, making it harder to meet AdThrive’s minimum monthly pageviews.

Establishing and adhering to a regular publishing schedule can help build and maintain a loyal audience.

Furthermore, consistent quality and frequency in your content creation reassure AdThrive of your site’s reliability and potential for generating sustainable ad revenue.

Remember, AdThrive is looking for partners committed to long-term success, and demonstrating your ability to produce quality content consistently is a step in the right direction.

3. Navigating Ad Policy Compliance

Navigating Ad Policy Compliance is crucial for content creators aspiring to join AdThrive.

Compliance with AdThrive’s ad policies ensures a safe and positive experience for advertisers and viewers, which helps maintain high-quality ad placements and maximizes ad revenue potential.

Content creators must familiarize themselves with and adhere to AdThrive’s guidelines, which include prohibitions against copyright infringement, adult content, hate speech, and any form of content that promotes illegal activities or violence.

Furthermore, transparency with advertising and sponsorship disclosures is mandatory to maintain trust with your audience and adherence to FTC guidelines.

It’s also essential to ensure that any ads displayed on your site do not interfere with the user’s experience, such as by obstructing content or creating intrusive pop-ups.

Regular audits of your content for compliance and staying updated with any changes in AdThrive’s policies can help avoid pitfalls that could lead to rejection or removal from the network.

Maintaining a clean, respectful, and legally compliant site aligns with AdThrive’s requirements and contributes to building a reputable and sustainable online presence.

4. The Importance of Site Speed and User Experience

In the digital landscape, site speed and user experience play pivotal roles in retaining visitors and meeting AdThrive requirements.

A slow-loading website can increase bounce rates and diminish engagement, negatively impacting your site’s ability to meet AdThrive’s minimum traffic criteria. Fast-loading pages contribute to a positive user experience, encouraging visitors to stay longer and interact more with your content. This is beneficial for ad visibility and click-through rates.

Additionally, AdThrive values sites that provide a seamless, enjoyable browsing experience, considering it a critical factor in their selection process.

Optimizing your website’s speed and ensuring it is responsive across all devices are crucial steps towards creating an environment where ads can perform optimally.

Implementing best practices for site speed, such as compressing images, leveraging browser caching, and minimizing heavy scripts, can significantly improve load times.

Furthermore, focusing on user experience, including easy navigation, mobile optimization, and accessible design, aligns with AdThrive’s commitment to high-quality, engaging sites.

Achieving excellence in these areas supports ad revenue growth and positions your website as a prime candidate for the AdThrive partnership.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for content creators aiming to join AdThrive.

This platform provides detailed insights into your website’s traffic, audience behavior, and overall performance—metrics AdThrive critically evaluates during application.

Implementing Google Analytics on your site allows you to track monthly pageviews accurately, ensuring you meet AdThrive’s minimum traffic requirement.

Beyond just numbers, Google Analytics helps you understand your audience’s geographical distribution, enabling you to align your content strategy with AdThrive’s preference for traffic from specific regions.

It also allows you to identify which content performs best, offering the chance to optimize your site for higher engagement and retention rates.

Demonstrating a thorough grasp of your website’s analytics proves to AdThrive that you’re committed to growth and have a data-driven approach to content creation.

To streamline your application, ensure your Google Analytics tracking is correctly set up and actively monitoring your site’s performance well before submitting your AdThrive application.

This preparation strengthens your application and equips you with valuable insights for ongoing site improvement.

adthrive requirements
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6. Optimizing Your Site for SEO

Optimizing your site for search engine optimization (SEO) is critical in meeting AdThrive requirements and boosting ad revenue.

SEO encompasses various strategies to increase your site’s visibility in search engine results, thus attracting more organic traffic.

Key elements include researching and using relevant keywords throughout your content, optimizing meta descriptions and title tags to improve click-through rates, and ensuring your website has a clear, logical structure that search engines can easily crawl.

High-quality backlinks from reputable sites within your niche also signal to search engines that your content is valuable, improving your site’s ranking.

Creating mobile-friendly content is no longer optional, as mobile searches continue to outpace desktop searches.

Implementing these SEO best practices enhances your site’s discoverability and lays a strong foundation for meeting AdThrive’s traffic requirements.

Remember, a well-optimized website attracts more visitors and keeps them engaged longer, increasing the likelihood of higher ad revenue through AdThrive’s network.

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7. AdThrive’s Technical Requirements

AdThrive sets several technical requirements to ensure that websites provide an optimal advertising platform.

These include having a responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.

Your site must also have an SSL certificate, which secures the connection between your visitors and your site. This is crucial for building trust and enhancing site security.

Additionally, AdThrive requires that your website loads quickly, as site speed directly affects user engagement and ad performance.

Websites should also be free of malware and any elements that could compromise user safety.

Another technical aspect involves properly implementing ad codes and compliance with ad placement policies to optimize ad visibility without detracting from the user experience.

As mentioned, integration with Google Analytics is essential for monitoring and reporting your site’s performance.

Lastly, ensuring that your site’s content management system (CMS) is up-to-date and supported is vital, as outdated systems can lead to security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues with ad technologies.

Meeting these technical requirements is crucial to creating a conducive environment for advertisers and users, aligning with AdThrive’s commitment to quality and performance.

How Do You Qualify for AdThrive?

1. Meet Traffic Requirement (100,000+ Pageviews)

2. Have Google Analytics Installed Correctly

3. Majority of Traffic Comes From “Tier 1” Countries

4. Original & Brand Safe Content

AdThrive’s Application Process

Preparing for AdThrive’s application begins with thoroughly reviewing your website to ensure it aligns with all the prerequisites mentioned above.

Start by auditing your content quality, consistency, and compliance with ad policies.

Next, optimize your site’s technical aspects, including site speed and user experience, and ensure your site is mobile-responsive and secure with an SSL certificate. 

Having Google Analytics fully integrated and operational is also critical. It provides detailed insights into your site’s traffic and audience behavior.

Once these steps are completed, compile all necessary information about your website, including traffic statistics, audience demographics, and any unique selling points that set your site apart.

This preparation streamlines the application process and positions your site as an attractive candidate for AdThrive.

Remember, attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of your site’s analytics and performance are key to a successful application.

Review all application materials thoroughly before submission, ensuring that all information accurately reflects your site’s potential and compliance with AdThrive’s standards.


AdThrive has a minimum payment threshold of $25. This means that even if you’re brand new to AdThrive, you should receive a payout in your first month.

The only exception to this is wire transfer. If you request your payments by wire transfer, you will need to hit a payment threshold of $100.

Payment methods include:

  • Direct deposit
  • eCheck/Local bank transfer
  • PayPal

The above payment methods do not incur transaction fees, making them the best choice for most publishers.

If these payment methods are unsuitable for you, you can also choose from:

  • Wire Transfer – U.S. ($15 fee)
  • Paper Check ($3 fee)
  • Wire Transfer – Non-U.S. Paid in USD ($25 fee)
  • Wire Transfer – Non-U.S. Paid in Non-USD ($20 fee)

Common Reasons for AdThrive Rejections

Understanding why applications to AdThrive get rejected can significantly improve your chances of acceptance upon reapplication.

Common reasons for rejections include failing to meet the minimum traffic requirement of 100,000 monthly pageviews, primarily from preferred geographic locations such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

To address this, focus on growing your audience through SEO strategies and engaging content that appeals to these regions.

Another reason is low-quality content or inconsistent posting schedules. Elevate your content by investing time in research and presentation, ensuring your posts offer value, and maintaining a regular publishing calendar.

Technical issues like slow site speed, a lack of mobile optimization, or security concerns like missing SSL certificates can also lead to rejections.

Conduct a technical audit of your site to identify and rectify these issues, improving overall user experience.

Lastly, non-compliance with AdThrive’s ad policies or Google’s AdSense policies is a critical factor. Ensure your site follows these guidelines by regularly reviewing and updating your content and ad placements.

Addressing these common pitfalls will enhance your site’s eligibility and increase your chances of joining the AdThrive network.


As with all services, AdThrive has its own pros and cons, so let’s take a look.


  • High RPMs
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner
  • Quick approval and onboarding
  • The AdThrive dashboard and analytics are very user-friendly
  • Good customer service
  • Custom ad layouts for maximum revenue
  • AdThrive ads have low impact on user experience
  • Minimal impact on site speed
  • Ad optimization tool


  • No community for publishers to join
  • High minimum traffic requirements

You know, when it comes down to it, the good stuff definitely outweighs the bad. The main problem with AdThrive for most folks is the high barrier to entry.

So, if you’re just starting out as a blogger, it might not be the best fit so check out some other Adthrive or Mediavine alternatives.

Conclusion: Adthrive requirement

Joining AdThrive can significantly increase your ad revenue, but you must meet specific requirements, such as minimum monthly pageviews, quality traffic, and compliance with ad policies. 

Providing engaging, original, and consistent content is essential for meeting these requirements and maximizing your ad revenue potential. 

AdThrive’s focus on quality and customer service makes it an excellent partner for content creators looking to monetize their sites and achieve long-term success. 

Following my checklist, you can ensure you have what it takes to join AdThrive and reap the benefits of their higher RPMs.

adthrive requirements

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