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Journey by Mediavine is a self-service solution, making registration and onboarding a seamless experience.

Mediavine just announced today a brand new platform for small publishers! Journey by Mediavine.

Mediavine is one of the leading ad management companies in the industry. Mediavine has just launched Journey, a brand-new ad management solution tailored specifically for sites starting at around 10,000 monthly sessions.

If you have a growing website or blog, you know how challenging it can be to navigate the complex landscape of ad monetization.

Journey by Mediavine is a self-service solution, making registration and onboarding a seamless experience.

Directly following enrollment, Journey publishers will have access to tools needed to sustainably scale their business and I think its a great way for smaller blogs to begin monetizing their websites in a way that don’t compromise page speed or user experience.

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Mediavine Requirements for the Journey Program

Ready to get started with Journey? Here’s how:

  1. Create a free Grow publisher account, add the plugin to your website, and apply for Journey. 
  2. Once Grow is installed and you’ve applied for Journey, they will evaluate your site to determine your eligibility for Journey ads.
  3. While you wait, use Grow’s features to increase your traffic and grow your audience.
  4. When your site is ready, Mediavine will invite you to apply for Journey ads.
  • A Gateway for Growing Blogs: Specifically aimed at sites with a minimum of 10,000 sessions per month, Journey is an accessible new and growing blogs.
  • Ad Technology: Mediavine’s ad technology will help ensure optimal ad placement, resulting in high advertiser engagement while maintaining excellent site speed and user experience.
  • Growth Tools: Participants in the Journey program must install Mediavine’s free tool Grow. This tool boosts traffic, enhances reader engagement, and contributes to your blog’s growth.
  • Mediavine Grow: Grow is Mediavine’s user engagement suite that helps independent publishers build authenticated traffic and first-party data.
journey by mediavine
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What is Journey, and How is it Different from Mediavine’s Existing Offering?

Mediavine has long been known for its flagship ad management service, which has helped countless bloggers achieve impressive ad revenue growth.

However, with Journey, Mediavine is opening its doors to a new market segment: smaller sites that may not yet meet traditional traffic requirements but still have premium, engaged audiences.

Unlike Mediavine’s existing service, which typically requires sites to have at least 50,000 monthly sessions, Journey welcomes sites with as few as 10,000 monthly sessions.

This move reflects Mediavine’s commitment to supporting publishers at every stage of their blogging career.

One key difference between Journey and Mediavine’s traditional offering is how advertisers purchase ads.

Journey is a new option for advertisers to purchase ads separately from Mediavine’s core inventory.

This may result in different revenue per thousand impressions (RPMs) for Journey publishers.

Bloggers who want to join Journey must sign up for Mediavine Grow, a key feature of Journey.

It allows all Mediavine publishers, including those on the traditional platform, to benefit from verified, premium traffic.

What exactly is Mediavine Grow?

Mediavine’s Grow is a tool that can help you personalize your readers’ experience and collect first-party data that can improve your ad revenue.

With Grow, you can give your readers a better experience by providing tools that encourage them to engage with your content, such as sharing and bookmarking posts and subscribing to your email newsletter.

Plus, as a publisher, you can benefit from Grow by getting direct consent from readers who have logged in to receive personalized, better-performing, and better-paying ads.

So not only will you be providing a better experience for your readers, but you’ll also be growing your revenue.

Benefits to your readers: By enhancing websites with tools that provide better user experiences and encourage audiences to log in and engage with a site’s content through activities such as:

  • Sharing and bookmarking posts.
  • Subscribing to the publisher’s email newsletter.
  • Gaining access to optionally gated content that’s exclusive to readers logged into Grow.
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Regular Mediavine Requirements

Alongside the Journey initiative, Mediavine has a regular membership program for larger more established sites:

  • Traffic Minimum: The threshold for new publishers is 50,000 sessions per month. (Note: This is updated in context with Google Analytics 4.)
  • Policy on Second Sites: They discontinued their informal policy of accepting secondary sites from existing publishers if they don’t meet the minimum traffic criteria.
  • Re-application for Changed Ownership: Websites that undergo ownership changes, including those owned by existing publishers, must reapply for Mediavine representation.

These updated criteria are structured to allocate resources effectively and sustainably, ensuring that new and existing members receive the highest quality of service.

Apply for Regular Mediavine Membership

Helping Small Blogs Monetize and Grow

For many small blog owners and content creators, the journey toward sustainable monetization can be daunting.

Navigating the complexities of ad networks, optimizing ad placements, and ensuring a positive user experience can be overwhelming, especially when juggling content creation and other responsibilities.

Journey aims to simplify this process by providing a comprehensive ad management solution tailored to the needs of smaller sites.

With Mediavine’s expertise and technology behind Journey, publishers can focus on creating great content while leaving ad optimization and revenue maximization to the professionals.

As Journey sites grow and reach new milestones, they can seamlessly transition to Mediavine’s traditional ad management service, ensuring a continuous and scalable monetization strategy.

A Commitment to Publisher Success

Mediavine has built a reputation for being a publisher-first company, and the launch of Journey further solidifies this commitment.

By extending its services to smaller sites, Mediavine is acknowledging the diverse needs of the publishing community and providing solutions at every stage of growth.

With Journey, publishers can benefit from Mediavine’s extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering dedication to maximizing ad revenue while maintaining a premium user experience.

Medavine’s New “Journey” Program

Ad networks like Mediavine offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for bloggers aiming to monetize their travel blogs.

With the introduction of the Journey program, Mediavine is breaking new ground, providing growing blogs with the tools and support necessary for growth while continuing to offer robust services to more established sites through its regular membership. 

This dual approach underscores Mediavine’s commitment to supporting the entire spectrum of the publishing community, ensuring that each member, regardless of size (kind of), can maximize their earnings and achieve success in the online content arena.


1. What is Journey by Mediavine?
Journey by Mediavine is a new ad management solution designed for websites with a minimum of around 10,000 monthly sessions. It offers a range of tools to help publishers scale their businesses sustainably while prioritizing page speed and user experience.

2. How does Journey by Mediavine support publishers?
Journey provides newer publishers access to Mediavine’s first-party data and identity solutions suite. It aims to empower independent publishers and help them succeed by democratizing access to powerful monetization tools.

3. What advertising options does Journey provide?
Journey by Mediavine offers brand-safe avenues for advertisers to reach new audiences. Existing Mediavine publishers will benefit from the authenticated traffic generated by these new sites through the company’s cohesive first-party data approach.

4. How can publishers enroll in Journey by Mediavine?
Journey is a self-service solution with a seamless registration and onboarding process. Publishers can visit here for more information and to enroll in the program.

5. What is Mediavine?
Mediavine is the largest independent full-service ad management company in the United States. It represents approximately 11,000 publisher partner websites with 1.6 billion monthly pageviews. Mediavine is committed to providing exceptional service and will be recognized as a top workplace in 2022 by Great Place to Work® and Fortune.

Conclusion: Journey by Mediavine

With Journey, Mediavine is positioning itself as a leader in this space. It offers a comprehensive solution to new and growing bloggers.

By joining the Journey ecosystem, you will gain access to powerful ad optimization tools and become part of a larger community committed to your success.

With a larger pool of verified, premium traffic, all Mediavine publishers stand to benefit from higher RPMs and increased ad revenue potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking to take your monetization efforts to the next level or a new content creator just starting your journey, Mediavine’s Journey offers a promising path forward.

journey by mediavine

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